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Sapphire Digital: Comprehensive Data for Powerful Online Campaigns

Efficient execution of highly targeted digital campaigns starts with accurate, high-quality data. With Sapphire Digital, you can leverage the power of the Sapphire offline database and best-in-class digital targeting to create a comprehensive digital presence that increases conversion rates, sales, customer engagement and lifetime value.

Sapphire Digital delivers deep insights on North American businesses, utilizes more than 350 sources of data to validate and ensure the highest quality data, including key decision makers and deep demographic groups.

Quality data fuels impressive results. Sapphire Digital’s integrated solutions drive more precise targeting of high-intent B2B prospects and buyers compared to any single third-party data source. With advanced targeting and retargeting tools, prospects reached through Sapphire Digital are 20 times more likely to return to your site.

Sapphire Digital’s solutions deliver the latest in Digital Marketing techniques to reach your customers wherever they are – with targeting and retargeting across web, mobile web, Facebook, Twitter and in mobile apps. We offer personalized dynamic ads, and a dashboard that provides campaigns key insights as they happen with granular reporting – keeping you up-to-date with the latest campaign developments and performance metrics.

Our team is ready to accelerate your digital advertising efforts with the highest quality data and customizable solutions needed for success.  Contact us today to learn more!