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Sapphire Engage: Intelligent Email Campaign Management

Sapphire Engage enables marketers to execute advanced strategic email marketing campaigns that get results. Through a single intelligent interface, Sapphire Engage helps you better manage your data, analytics, and all elements of campaign execution. Some key features of this hosted application include:

  • List Management – Easily import/export, map, update, and segment your list
  • Campaign Execution – Leverage easy-to-use tools to upload or create content, manage workflow, and dynamically personalize content based on subscriber profiles
  • Comprehensive Reporting – Gain immediate insight, create segments from responses, and access drill-down reports to see underlying details behind your campaign
  • Access & Permissions – Customize access by any function and tailor user profiles to your business needs
  • APIs – Support subscribes/unsubscribes, sends, and reporting through standard Express APIs
  • Privacy and Deliverability Assurance

Ensure your emails hit their mark. Contact us today to learn more about Sapphire Engage.