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Infogroup Media Solutions Business Genetics

Delivering the evolution of transactional database environments with unprecedented omnichannel marketing capabilities

Many B2B marketers are already using transactional data for postal efforts, but these days companies need additional channel coverage to reach decision makers at the right time and place. IMS Business Genetics provides marketers access to deep insight into the purchase behavior of today’s leading business contacts which can be utilized to coordinate omnichannel campaigns.

IMS Business Genetics brings you the highest quality data in the industry from a combination of proprietary and third-party sources and provides powerful insight into the buying patterns, product interests, demographics and firmographics of current and future customers.

Key features:

  • 38 million email addresses and 54 million business records with recent business purchase detail
  • Five key transactional purchase history categories: MRO, B2B Marketing Spend, Office Supplies, Training & Publications, and Overall B2B Spend let you reach current buyers for your product or service
  • Job title/function, powerful enhanced selects like purchase authority, hardware/software, and proven firmographic selects ensure you hit the correct point of contact every time
  • Complete coverage across every business vertical
  • Unified messaging through preferred channels: email, direct mail, telemarketing and digital display

Our team is ready to assist in putting IMS Business Genetics to work for you. Develop customer profiles, targeted segmentation, and deep insights around your ideal audiences to drive new customer acquisition and improve customer retention. With experience in every B2B vertical market, we work with you directly to provide an analysis that focuses on your specific needs.  Contact us today.