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List Updates

New to B2B - AC Business Media


Infogroup Media Solutions selected as data and media management service provider by AC Business Media. The AC Business Media database includes 384,000 qualified subscribers from several well-established print and digital brands serving professionals in commercial construction, rental, sustainability, manufacturing, landscaping, logistics and supply chain markets.

New to Market - Eyebobs


Now marketers can reach stylish consumers who have purchased from the eyebobs collection of distinctive, high quality prescription eyewear, designer reading glasses and eyewear accessories. The eyebobs buyer file includes 79,600 male and female buyers selectable by recency and purchase dollar.

Welcoming Back Omaha Steaks to B2C Data Management


Infogroup has been awarded exclusive list management and insert brokerage of Omaha Steaks, the premier mail order steak and food gift company serving a broad base of consumers and business customers.

Infogroup Hires Former MeritDirect Executive for Senior Level Sales Role


Jeff Moriarty has joined Infogroup Data Solutions as senior vice president of Business and Media Solutions.

New to B2C - Arizona Highways Magazine


Infogroup has been awarded management of the Arizona Highways Magazine subscriber list of 92,431 active subscribers who are active, educated and well-traveled.

New to Market - Onward Together Donors


First time available on the list rental market - over 2 million donors from Onward Together, a new nonprofit organization founded by Hillary Rodham Clinton dedicated to advancing progressive values.

New to B2B - Scranton Gillette Communications


Infogroup Data Solutions selected as data management service provider for Scranton Gillette Communications/SGC Horizon. SGC media properties reach industry leaders at multiple touchpoints across residential and commercial building/construction, healthcare, infrastructure and agricultural markets.

New International File - National Geographic


National Geographic selects Infogroup Media Solutions for international data management services.

Infogroup Launches Constellation Media - A Data-driven Digital Marketing Agency


New agency will help extend next level digital solutions to its client base

Infogroup launches mGen -- a data-driven programmatic digital marketing solution


Infogroup’s highly predictive purchase history data is now available online, for marketers display and mobile targeting

New Consumer Email File - Bottom Line E-Newsletter


Bottom Line Inc. now makes available email addresses of the highly engaged subscribers to one or more of its daily and/or weekly e-newletters focused on health, family, career, relationships, money, investments, and daily life.

New to B2B - PennWell Corporation


Newly managed, the PennWell data includes subscribers to several industry-leading trade publications and newsletters across 11 business verticals including oil and gas, renewable energy, public safety, aviation & defense, and more.

New Insert Program - Books-A-Million PIP


For the first time, advertisers can place inserts into e-commerce shipments from www.booksamillion.com, the second largest book retailer in the nation.

New to B2C - Stirista's Life Event Postal and Email


Stirista's life-event triggers identify high-value segments of consumers who are undergoing major life changes and are in need of new products. Target new moms, newly engaged couples, new movers and more via direct mail, email and display.

New to B2C - Acorn Catalog List


The Acorn catalog list gives you access to mature, cultured, well-read buyers with above average income interested in unique gifts and distinctive home accents, and expanding their home viewing libraries.

New to B2B - Executive Summits File


The Executive Summits files are newly available, providing access to an elite group of top executives and business leaders, selectable from 18 specific summit groups. Email and postal contact information is available.

New Consumer File - Ranger Rick Cub


Ranger Rick Cub is the newest member of the Ranger Rick family of magazines for children, offering animal learning fun for children ages 0-4. The Cub Subscriber and Gift Giver lists are brand new to the market.

New B2C files - Classic Motorsports & Grassroots Motorsports Magazines


Classic Motorsports and Grassroots Motorsports magazine lists provide access to an active male audience of sports car aficionados in these newly managed files.

New Insert Media Programs - Magic Cabin & Reuseit PIPs


Magic Cabin Package Insert Program and Reuseit Package Insert Program are brand new to the market, now available from Infogroup's Insert Media division.

New B2B Product - IMS Business Genetics


Infogroup Media Solutions has launched IMS Business Genetics, delivering 54 million B2B contacts, leveraging transactional data and delivering omnichannel marketing capabilities.

New Nonprofit File - Oblates of St. Francis De Sales


Oblates of St. Francis De Sales is dedicated to the training of future Oblate priests and brothers as well as caring for the eldest and serving the poor among us. The ministry provides direct assistance to countless people who are struggling to live in one of the poorest metropolitan areas in the nation. Reach donors now available from Infogroup Media Solutions.

New Donor file - Native American Emergency Relief


Native American Emergency Relief outreach makes critical food and firewood distributions to the Indian children and families living in Navajo reservations. Native American children are the last hope of keeping the native traditions alive. The compassion of the donors to this organization makes every day living less of a chore for Native American families.

New Donor File - World Emergency Relief


World Emergency Relief donor file is now available from Infogroup Media Solutions. World Emergency Relief (WER) is committed to relieving the suffering of thousands of children and families in need, aiding these innocent lives by sending food, clothing, and medical supplies. Their vision is to give children all over the world a living chance by addressing their practical, emotional and economic needs as well as the needs of their families and communities.

New B2C Files & Inserts - Bottom Line Inc.


Bottom Line Inc. has selected Infogroup Media Solutions as List, Insert Media and Email Management service provider, bringing a wide array of lists and programs to the market.

New Donor File - Operation Homefront


The Operation Homefront donor file is now managed at Infogroup Media Solutions. Operation Homefront provides services to military families or individuals to alleviate financial burden, as well as counseling and/or recovery support. Emergency financial assistance is paid directly to mortgage lenders, auto mechanics, contractors, hospitals, doctors, dentists and other providers.