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New to B2C - Zoobooks

Infogroup Media Solutions is pleased to announce management of the Zoobooks Brands and Masterfile.

The Ranger Rick Zoobooks Brand Masterfile is a combined, deduped masterfile of the Zoobies, Zoobooks, Zootles and Zoodinos titles.

29,162   3 Month Subscribers/Gift Givers
57,051   6 Month Subscribers/Gift Givers
87,283   12 Month Subscribers/Gift Givers
45,549   12 Month New to File
11,785   12 Month Renewals
39,751   12 Month Expires

Ranger Rick is proud to welcome the Zoobooks publications to its corporate brands. The Zoobooks publications provide a vivid, compelling, and child-friendly introduction to animals in their natural habitats. Each page bursts with bright colors and features the best photography and illustrations. Every title includes a special section with additional facts and information for parents. Children learn in an easy-to-understand and fun way about all kinds of animals from alligators to zebras!

In addition to the monthly publications, subscribers also receive a unique password to access the Secret Jungle website just for kids, with animal games, puzzles and a twice monthly E-Safari that "treks" through the best animal websites!

  • Zoobies is a cuddle up and read, high end publication for babies and toddlers ages 0-3.
  • Zootles offers early readers ages 3-6 all the right building blocks—letters, sounds, numbers, words, colors, shapes, and concepts—to set them up for learning success.
  • Zoobooks is an all-in-one guide to animals for children ages 6-12. Each issue is themed around a different animal or group of animals.
  • Zoodinos is where dinosaurs come alive for kids. This new dinosaurs book series from Zoobooks targets children ages 5-12.

For more information, contact Audrey Wallis at 402.836.5109 or Jennifer Plourde at 402.836.5135.