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New Consumer Files - Johnson Smith Company

Infogroup announces that Winston Brands Inc., parent company of Collections Etc., has recently acquired the assets of the Johnson Smith Company. Files include:

Betty's Attic - 64,000 Last 12 Month Buyers
Specializes in bringing back memories from the '20s to the '90s.

Full of Life - 50,000 Last 12 Month Buyers
Contains items to help buyers enjoy a healthier, more active lifestyle.

The Lighter Side - 81,000 Last 12 Month Buyers
Includes gifts that are sure to bring a smile on birthdays, holidays and other special days.

Things You Never Knew Existed - 72,000 Last 12 Month Buyers
Provides items to make buyers' lives sillier, easier, better, safer, and more interesting

The Johnston Smith Company Masterfile is enhanced with demographic, lifestyle, Marketing Genetics and Apogee consumer and donor transactional data, TargetReady models.

Contact Matt Musikar to learn more.