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Database Marketing Services & Solutions

Multichannel Marketing and More to Boost Your Visibility and Profits

Infogroup Media Solutions offers advanced list and database marketing services, designed to boost your marketing and sales efforts. Our Data Solutions division provides cutting-edge market insight that allows you to zero in on your potential customers and provides you with the resources and in-depth analytics you need to achieve your goals.


Our services include the following list and marketing database solutions:

  • Customer acquisition expertise from our team of professional brokerage specialists
  • Advanced marketing research that identifies potential customers by demographics, geographical region, buying patterns, and online interests
  • Revenue generation derived from skillful monetizing of your client database by our media management team
  • Access to thousands of business, consumer, and nonprofit managed lists and databases
  • Insert media opportunities for cost-effectively extending your customer reach
  • Creation of a significant revenue stream for you from creation and management of insert media programs
  • Multichannel marketing strategies that draw on information derived from top-tier marketing database providers
  • In-depth analytics that let you go beyond figures to understand what your potential customers want and need from your company
  • Data management through our proprietary database marketing system


At Infogroup Media Solutions, we provide answers that can boost your company's productivity and profitability. Our multichannel marketing strategies offer comprehensive solutions to help you achieve greater market saturation and ignite your advertising and sales campaigns, allowing you to reach a wider customer base while retaining and developing your current client relationships. We have the experience and deep pool of professional marketing talent necessary to help you outplay your competition and make your mark. It's what we do, every day, to help your company lead and succeed in your industry.