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Infogroup Audience Solutions

Target professionals and consumers easily across all channels — online and offline — with pinpoint accuracy.

Infogroup Audience Solutions brings to market a combination of over 1,500 unique B2B and B2C targetable audiences, providing access to over 16 billion data points across an audience segment of 313 million consumers. The B2B reach is equally impressive, with a total of almost 2.5 billion data points across an audience segment of almost 15 million businesses. Marketers use this unparalleled tool to execute campaigns with pinpoint accuracy across multiple channels including connected devices, display advertising, social media, email, addressable television and more.

  • Customizable Segments Quantified by 6,000+ Deterministic Online and Offline Data Points
  • Powerful Reporting, Insights, Data and Media Optimization
  • Predictive Modeling and Audience Expansion Solutions

Infogroup's high value data is available in the top industry DMPs:

  • Adobe Audience Manager
  • Oracle BlueKai
  • Lotame
  • Neustar PlatformOne

Powered by Infogroup’s proprietary compilation, verification, and data quality processing , Infogroup Audience Solutions is able to onboard the most reliable, accurate, and comprehensive data available in the industry. We invest over $20 million annually to ensure data quality, making more than 24 million annual telephone calls to verify various business data points. The result is robust, accurate data that meets a level of rigor unparalleled in the industry. That’s why our data is used to power the world’s top search engines and in-car navigation systems.

For more information on Infogroup Audience Solutions please email us at infogroupmediasolutions@infogroup.com.