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Data Processing and Database Creation - Enhancements

Appending rich customer information helps you understand your customers’ distinct characteristics, enabling you to deliver the highest levels of service throughout the customer relationship. Organizations can optimize the value of customer data by maintaining address hygiene through postal processing and enhancing information with valuable data for up-sell and cross-sell opportunities through multichannel marketing efforts.

Get a better understanding of your market through our enhanced business and consumer data.

  • Target with higher relevancy to increase response rates
  • Develop strategies based on consumer and business demographics
  • Select from over 200 consumer demographic and psychographic selects
  • and over 150 business selects


Infogroup Media Solutions offers a suite of data processing services to enhance the information within your database and keep your files up-to-date. We’ve been cleaning and enhancing customer files for 45+ years. Our specialists process more than 45 billion records for more than 40,000 clients every year. The proprietary databases and data solutions we offer are utilized by leading organizations in virtually every industry focused on business-to-consumer and business-to-business sales and marketing efforts.