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What We Do

We deliver data-driven results for our business, consumer and nonprofit clients with the very best data, technology, marketing resources, and list strategies.All Services

For Marketers

We will boost sales and retention while lowering your cost to acquire new customers. Infogroup has the unique combination of data, technology and strategy that produces results.

For Agencies & Brokers

We provide industry leading B2B and B2C data, lead generation programs and proven omnichannel marketing strategies that drive the results your clients demand.

For Data Owners

Monetize your valuable data assets while keeping information up-to-date, complete and deliverable with management, append and enhancement solutions.

News & Updates


The Johnson Smith Company assets, recently acquired by Winston Brands Inc., are now available from Infgroup. Titles include Betty's Attic, Full of Life, The Lighter Side, and Things You Never Knew Existed. Offering 725,000 loyal direct mail shoppers in the 33-55 age range from one of America's oldest catalog brands.


Reach responsive direct mail donors who have made contributions to the Sudan Relief Fund to aid the persecuted people of South Sudan. Their donations support efforts to dig wells, provide medical relief, and build churches and schools. There are 46,800 donors on the file.


Now access the Zeeto database of 24 million registered users and survey responders who answer over 1.9M questions each day in order to access content, register for memberships, and get discount coupons. New lists from Zeeto include Young Families, Insurance Responders, Sweepstakes Entrants, Financial Stability Responders and more.

Our Partners

The quality, diversity, and tenure of our client relationships are the greatest testimony to our services.All Partners